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 Good morning everyone.

My name is Simon Jones and I manage Commercial Sales for the Howards Group in the South West. We have for years helped to supply Avon Motor Caravans with good value used vans. As you all may know, Ant is finally going to retire his well used spanners and set sail for somewhere hot.

We have been chatting with Ant and Romahome for some time now and we are in the position to set ourselves up as dealers for Romahome and have a supporting role with the factory. We have been over, met the team, discussed support and strategy and are delighted with progress.

We have 2 award winning Business Centres in Taunton (Howards Commercial Base) and Weston Super Mare. We will initially be looking after service customers for Romahome including Ant's old customers with a view of getting some Motor Caravans built over the winter ready for the season next year. The aim is to become a fully fledged dealer and we will look after the South West although people are welcome from all over!

Our dealership number is 01823 273420, please give me a call even to say hi! You could even ring Ant and see if I am worth contacting, I am sure the old bull with tell you the truth!

I won't initially pretend to be the font of all knowledge when it comes to Romahome, I don't know that much as of yet, however I am going to be on a steep learning curve and Ant will be there initially to help us on our way.

I look forward, to meeting/ drinking coffee with you at some point!


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